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Say Again, Please


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Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications

This book uses typical examples of radio transmissions to help increase readers comfort level when using the mic.

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Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications

This book uses typical examples of radio transmissions to help increase readers comfort level when using the mic.

Talking on an aviation radio and understanding air traffic control instructions can be one of the most intimidating aspects of flight training. Bob Gardner explains how the ATC system works and teaches readers what to say, what to expect to hear, and how to interpret and react to clearances and instructions.

This new Third Edition adds material on GPS, Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO), and has been expanded and updated to reflect current rules and operating procedures. Chapters cover communication etiquette and rules, understanding radio equipment, emergency situations, and IFR communications and clearances.

Also included: a concise summary of the FAA's communication facilities and their functions, airspace classifications and definitions, and the FAA's recommended shorthand for copying clearances. The communication requirements for entering, departing, and transiting each class of airspace is explained in detail by following the author along simulated flights. A full-color sectional excerpt is provided, so readers can review the map while reading the explanation for flying and talking in each area. Readers will learn everything they need to communicate effectively in VFR, IFR, and emergency conditions.

216 pages, illustrated throughout, softcover, glossary and index, bound-in full color map sample included, size 22,4 x 18,3 cm.

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